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LOTN means: Lady of the Night

Lady of the Night

ENV means: Enhanced Night Visibility

Enhanced Night Visibility

GNO means: Gender Night Out

Gender Night Out

NSL means: Night Sky Live

Night Sky Live

TIHN means: The In the Heat of the Night

The In the Heat of the Night

NVIG means: Night Vision Image Generator

Night Vision Image Generator

RN means: Reggae Night

Reggae Night

TNBS means: Tuesday Night Bible Study

Tuesday Night Bible Study

HON means: Highlight of the Night

Highlight of the Night

FNF means: Friday Night Firefight

Friday Night Firefight

What is the meaning/definition of the letters in night?

Meaning of night by its letters

night acronym or abbreviation means:

N: Meaning of N in night. N has two stable ends on the ground and two upwards displaying confidence. It is willing to explore upwards as well as downwards indicating intellectual curiosity. It becomes sluggish if its spaces get filled with water thereby wasting talent from less agility. This makes it easily affected, but good fortunes always come to it.

I: Meaning of I in night. I is a singular letter that thrives on it's on. It is altruistic, concerned, kind, responsive. It shows little tolerance to the outside, it is forceful, alert, self-reliant, loving, egoistic, mutinous, and learned.

G: Meaning of G in night. G is like C, but with the bottom end growing upwards. G wants to grasp as much as it can. It shows thoughtfulness, being logical, witty, alert, stretchy, conscientious, intuitive, impetuous, reasoning and uncontrollable.

H: Meaning of H in night. H looks like a ladder. As a ladder, it implies rising from the bottom with effort. H shows inspiration and firmness. The connected of the uprights parts indicate impartiality. The letter H is upright and stable indicating calmness and self-reliance.

T: Meaning of T in night. T is a vertical strand crossed at the top by a horizontal strand. With the top strand balanced in the middle by the vertical strand, T shows balance and stability in its ways. It is also forgoing and spiritual. With the top strand projected up by the bottom strand, T is highly ambitious, but also kind to others as it can let others rest on its horizontal top. This makes T selfless, cooperative, womanly and dutiful. It also displays a high degree of generosity and liberalism.

What does night mean or stand for ?

This page explains the astronumerology analysis of the abbreviation night. Below, you also find the detailed meaning of each letter in the night acronym.

Astrological Analysis and meaning of night

night has a life path of 4. night means: With a Life Path 4, your numbers are (4, 13/4, 22/4, 31/4). The number four derives its meaning from creation. It is a lucky number and offers stability, wholeness, order justice, building a strong foundation, honesty, integrity, loyalty, conscientiousness. In Hebrew four represents measuring, beneficence, and intelligence In Hindu four is totality and perfection. To the Pythagorean, four is perfection and justice Negatively, number 4 relates to conviction, inability to adapt and laziness. Thirteen is neither a lucky nor an unlucky number. It signifies purity and progress to a higher level of existence. Biblically the number 13 is said to be a great blessing and promise To Mary Kay number thirteen is a lucky number as her business commenced n the thirteen September 1963. To the US 13 stripes represent the original 13 colonies that rebelled against British rule. Biologically, thirteen represents the age of male o female maturity. Twenty two which is a number of power and accomplishment is considered the master builder, with divine imagination and great charisma. It has the ability to realize very giant or imaginable projects because of its capacity of precision and balance. Number twenty two persons are idealistic, creative and pragmatic. Some of their negative attributes include: anxiety, nervousness and they are immovable, stubborn and can let others down. The biblical meaning of twenty two symbolizes disorder and chaos and represents disorganization.

More meanings / definitions of night or words, sentences containing night?

Disquietly (adv.): In a disquiet manner; uneasily; as, he rested disquietly that night.

Twelfth-night (n.): The evening of Epiphany, or the twelfth day after Christmas, observed as a festival by various churches.

Tonight (adv.): On the last night past.

Yesternight (n.): The last night; the night last past.

Starlight (a.): Lighted by the stars, or by the stars only; as, a starlight night.

Night-blooming (a.): Blooming in the night.

Black (a.): In a less literal sense: Enveloped or shrouded in darkness; very dark or gloomy; as, a black night; the heavens black with clouds.

Noctiferous (a.): Bringing night.

Wake (v. i.): To sit up late festive purposes; to hold a night revel.

Lucubrate (v. t.): To elaborate, perfect, or compose, by night study or by laborious endeavor.

Poudrette (n.): A manure made from night soil, dried and mixed with charcoal, gypsum, etc.

Yestreen (n.): Yester-evening; yesternight; last night.

Night (n.): That part of the natural day when the sun is beneath the horizon, or the time from sunset to sunrise; esp., the time between dusk and dawn, when there is no light of the sun, but only moonlight, starlight, or artificial light.

Binnacle (n.): A case or box placed near the helmsman, containing the compass of a ship, and a light to show it at night.

Restless (a.): Passed in unquietness; as, the patient has had a restless night.

Poor (superl.): Without prosperous conditions or good results; unfavorable; unfortunate; unconformable; as, a poor business; the sick man had a poor night.

Nightward (a.): Approaching toward night.

Watchman (n.): Specifically, one who guards a building, or the streets of a city, by night.

Run (a.): To continue in operation; to be kept in action or motion; as, this engine runs night and day; the mill runs six days in the week.

Batfowling (n.): A mode of catching birds at night, by holding a torch or other light, and beating the bush or perch where they roost. The birds, flying to the light, are caught with nets or otherwise.

Benight (v. t.): To involve in darkness; to shroud with the shades of night; to obscure.

Excubitorium (n.): A gallery in a church, where persons watched all night.

Midnight (a.): Being in, or characteristic of, the middle of the night; as, midnight studies; midnight gloom.

Night (n.): A lifeless or unenlivened period, as when nature seems to sleep.

Tonight (adv.): On this present or coming night.

Regular (a.): Governed by rule or rules; steady or uniform in course, practice, or occurence; not subject to unexplained or irrational variation; returning at stated intervals; steadily pursued; orderlly; methodical; as, the regular succession of day and night; regular habits.

Britzska (n.): A long carriage, with a calash top, so constructed as to give space for reclining at night, when used on a journey.

Wake (n.): An annual parish festival formerly held in commemoration of the dedication of a church. Originally, prayers were said on the evening preceding, and hymns were sung during the night, in the church; subsequently, these vigils were discontinued, and the day itself, often with succeeding days, was occupied in rural pastimes and exercises, attended by eating and drinking, often to excess.

Bivouac (n.): The watch of a whole army by night, when in danger of surprise or attack.

Frosty (a.): Attended with, or producing, frost; having power to congeal water; cold; freezing; as, a frosty night.

Meaning of pound

pound means: Drink a lot. He pounded too many beers last night.

Meaning of fag

fag means: Noun. 1. A cigarette. 2. A homosexual male. Its use isn't prevalent in Britain. Abb. of 'faggot'. Derog. [Orig. U.S.] 3. A chore. E.g."It was a fag having to drive all the way back home at night."

Meaning of GFON

GFON means: Good For One Night

Meaning of otay

otay means: Synonym for "okay". Originally from the 1930's short films of "The Little Rascals", this is how the Little Rascals character "Porky" said "okay". Cast members ranged in age from about two to seven, and being little, their grasp of English was far from perfect, and "okay" became "otay", often quoted as, "Otay, Buckwheat!" (Buckwheat was one of the characters), and it was often said to someone when they were acting stupidly (kind of a "Yeah, whatever!"). Later popularized by Eddie Murphy in one or more Saturday Night Live sketches, mistakenly (or intentionally) assigning it to the "Buckwheat" character. Another contributors entire middle school started saying this but he couldn't remember why. He was on Guam at the time.

Meaning of Woot/Woop

Woot/Woop means: v. Term used as a response or in celebration to exciting news.  "A yo Daniel, I (Michael) was drafted by the NBA last night, WOOP!" 

Meaning of Scrapin'

Scrapin' means: Out on the prowl, usually on a Friday or Saturday night. Probably comes from the phrase, "Scraping the bottom of the barrel". Krista and I were out scrapin' last night and we didn't find anything good.

Meaning of knocked out

knocked out means: Asleep. Lem is knocked out; he worked all night long.

Meaning of DOSS MONEY

DOSS MONEY means: Doss money is British slang for the money required for a night's lodging.

Meaning of Posh 'n Becks

Posh 'n Becks means: Sex. Had a bit of posh with the missus last night Posh refers to Posh Spice (Victoria Adams) of the Spice Girls while Becks refers to David Beckham, the famous footballer she married. Another example of Rhyming Slang evolving to reflect the times. See also Decks -> Posh 'n Becks

Meaning of WASHOUT

WASHOUT means: Stop signal, waved violently by using both arms and swinging them in downward arc by day, or swinging lamp in wide low semicircle across tracks at night

Meaning of Fondoodle

Fondoodle means: When cheese is introduced in the bedroom. Example: “Oh, yeah. My lady came over last night and gave me a fondoodle.

Meaning of sow ones wild oats

sow ones wild oats means: To indulge in behaviours whilst young that are frowned on when adult, such as fequent changes in sexual partners. Hence the expression "To sow ones wild oats all Saturday night and spend all day Sunday praying for crop failure!"

Meaning of cowboy up

cowboy up means: To get strong, tough. Bo Dega cowboyed up at the bar last night and left with a black eye.


MOONLIGHT MECHANIC means: Night roundhouse foreman

Meaning of dosh

dosh means: slang for a reasonable amount of spending money, for instance enough for a 'night-out'. Almost certainly and logically derived from the slang 'doss-house', meaning a very cheap hostel or room, from Elizabethan England when 'doss' was a straw bed, from 'dossel' meaning bundle of straw, in turn from the French 'dossier' meaning bundle. Dosh appears to have originated in this form in the US in the 19th century, and then re-emerged in more popular use in the UK in the mid-20th century.

Meaning of Liberty

Liberty means: Term for a seaman's short leave from his ship, permitting him to go ashore for the day or night.

Meaning of BONA NOCHI

BONA NOCHI means: Bona nochi is Polari slang for good night.

Meaning of get your budgies on

get your budgies on means: What you say when you go party. Example: “It’s Friday night-I’m ready to just go out and get my budgies on!

Meaning of DAY AND NIGHT

DAY AND NIGHT means: Day and night is London Cockney rhyming slang for light.

Meaning of serve

serve means: v. To beat someone up. To violently assault a person. To deliver an unwelcomed gesture, word or an act to an individual.  "In a minute I'm about to roll over to that party and serve that fool Chris."  2. To confront or embarrass someone publicly.  "Paula got served last night by Bridget, Tina and Kiesha when she tried to act all bougie at the mall." 

Meaning of Moon

Moon means: The celestial orb which revolves round the earth; the satellite of the earth; a secondary planet, whose light, borrowed from the sun, is reflected to the earth, and serves to dispel the darkness of night. The diameter of the moon is 2,160 miles, its mean distance from the earth is 240,000 miles, and its mass is one eightieth that of the earth. See Lunar month, under Month.

Meaning of Vigil

Vigil means: Originally, the watch kept on the night before a feast.

Meaning of Lychnobite

Lychnobite means: One who labors at night and sleeps in the day.

Meaning of Howler

Howler means: Any South American monkey of the genus Mycetes. Many species are known. They are arboreal in their habits, and are noted for the loud, discordant howling in which they indulge at night.

Meaning of Starlight

Starlight means: Lighted by the stars, or by the stars only; as, a starlight night.

Meaning of Diurnal

Diurnal means: Opening during the day, and closing at night; -- said of flowers or leaves.

Meaning of Bivouac

Bivouac means: To encamp for the night without tents or covering.

Meaning of Lucubrate

Lucubrate means: To elaborate, perfect, or compose, by night study or by laborious endeavor.

Meaning of Night

Night means: A state of affliction; adversity; as, a dreary night of sorrow.

Meaning of Headlight

Headlight means: A light, with a powerful reflector, placed at the head of a locomotive, or in front of it, to throw light on the track at night, or in going through a dark tunnel.

Meaning of Nyctitropic

Nyctitropic means: Turning or bending at night into special positions.

Meaning of Late

Late means: Continuing or doing until an advanced hour of the night; as, late revels; a late watcher.

Meaning of Wake

Wake means: To watch, or sit up with, at night, as a dead body.

Meaning of Incubus

Incubus means: A demon; a fiend; a lascivious spirit, supposed to have sexual intercourse with women by night.

Meaning of Nightlong

Nightlong means: Lasting all night.

Name Meaning of night

Meaning of Leyla

Is Leyla a female or a male name and what is the origin of Leyla?

Leyla is Girl/Female and origin is American, Arabic, Australian, Danish, Farsi, French, German, Iranian, Lebanese, Muslim, Swedish, Turkish

Leyla means: Night; Black Beauty; Born at Night; Night Beauty; Nocturnal; Dark-haired Beauty; Intoxication; Wine

Meaning of Nishikant

Is Nishikant a female or a male name and what is the origin of Nishikant?

Nishikant is Boy/Male and origin is Bengali, Gujarati, Hindu, Indian, Kannada, Malayalam, Marathi, Telugu

Nishikant means: King of Night; Husband of Night; Moon; Lord Chandra (Moon); Lord of Night

Meaning of Lilith

Is Lilith a female or a male name and what is the origin of Lilith?

Lilith is Girl/Female and origin is Arabic, Australian, Chinese, Christian, Danish, Finnish, German, Hawaiian, Hebrew, Swedish

Lilith means: Ghost; Night Demon; Storm Goddess; Spirit of the Night; Lily

Meaning of Lailah

Is Lailah a female or a male name and what is the origin of Lailah?

Lailah is Girl/Female and origin is American, Arabic, Australian, Danish, Swedish

Lailah means: Night; Born at Night; Sweetheart; Dark-haired Beauty

Meaning of Leilah

Is Leilah a female or a male name and what is the origin of Leilah?

Leilah is Girl/Female and origin is Arabic, Australian, German, Hebrew, Muslim, Swedish

Leilah means: Born at Night; Night; Dark Beauty

Meaning of NYX

Is NYX a female or a male name and what is the origin of NYX?

NYX is Female and origin is Greek

NYX means: (Νύξ) Greek name NYX means "night." In mythology, this is the name of a goddess of night.

Meaning of Rajnish

Is Rajnish a female or a male name and what is the origin of Rajnish?

Rajnish is Boy/Male and origin is Hindu

Rajnish means: Ruler (Raj) of the night (Neesh), God of night (Moon)

Meaning of Lelia

Is Lelia a female or a male name and what is the origin of Lelia?

Lelia is Girl/Female and origin is American, Arabic, Australian, French, German, Greek, Irish, Latin

Lelia means: Well Spoken; Night; Night Beauty; Lunar

Meaning of Rajneesh

Is Rajneesh a female or a male name and what is the origin of Rajneesh?

Rajneesh is Boy/Male and origin is Hindu

Rajneesh means: Ruler (Raj) of the night (Neesh), God of night (Moon)

Meaning of Rajneesh | ரஜநீஷ

Is Rajneesh | ரஜநீஷ a female or a male name and what is the origin of Rajneesh | ரஜநீஷ?

Rajneesh | ரஜநீஷ is Boy/Male and origin is Tamil

Rajneesh | ரஜநீஷ means: Ruler (Raj) of the night (Neesh), God of night (Moon)

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