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TRM means: Train to Mountain

Train to Mountain

COMAT/BPF means: Commodore Air Train/British Pacific Fleet

Commodore Air Train/British Pacific Fleet

TdT means: Tandem Drive Train

Tandem Drive Train

MMTM means: Milton Model Train Museum

Milton Model Train Museum

CTA means: Charter Train A

Charter Train A

OGT means: Orphan Grain Train

Orphan Grain Train

TIU means: Train Interface Unit

Train Interface Unit

T3 means: Train the Trainer

Train the Trainer

CTR means: Combined Train Report

Combined Train Report

BTTRE means: Base Time to Train Employees

Base Time to Train Employees

What is the meaning/definition of the letters in train?

Meaning of train by its letters

train acronym or abbreviation means:

T: Meaning of T in train. T is a vertical strand crossed at the top by a horizontal strand. With the top strand balanced in the middle by the vertical strand, T shows balance and stability in its ways. It is also forgoing and spiritual. With the top strand projected up by the bottom strand, T is highly ambitious, but also kind to others as it can let others rest on its horizontal top. This makes T selfless, cooperative, womanly and dutiful. It also displays a high degree of generosity and liberalism.

R: Meaning of R in train. Letter R sits comfortably on two legs that are a litlle spread apart. It displays great strength. It's close top to itself is uncaring, impetuous, and insensitive.

A: Meaning of A in train. The letter A has two bars connected at a pointed edge and a cross bar holding them together. From an open end to a pointed edge signifies that all energies are trained to a point to achieve the most singularly important goal. The cross bar shows caution. Failure is avoided by stringing all required resources together. A also looks like a Pyramid with the peak as the apex of the Pyramid. Pyramids are iconic. A therefore symbolizes prominence and a desire to be recognized for ones achievements. The cross bar also represents a rung in ladder. To get to the top, one has to first step on the rung. It also means originality, a strong will power and an enterprising ability. The upper-case version consists of the two slanting sides of a triangle, crossed in the middle by a horizontal bar. It shows aspiration, the dominance to be successful, positive attitude, an optimistic world view and egotism.

I: Meaning of I in train. I is a singular letter that thrives on it's on. It is altruistic, concerned, kind, responsive. It shows little tolerance to the outside, it is forceful, alert, self-reliant, loving, egoistic, mutinous, and learned.

N: Meaning of N in train. N has two stable ends on the ground and two upwards displaying confidence. It is willing to explore upwards as well as downwards indicating intellectual curiosity. It becomes sluggish if its spaces get filled with water thereby wasting talent from less agility. This makes it easily affected, but good fortunes always come to it.

What does train mean or stand for ?

This page explains the astronumerology analysis of the abbreviation train. Below, you also find the detailed meaning of each letter in the train acronym.

Astrological Analysis and meaning of train

train has a life path of 8. train means: With a Life Path 8, your numbers are (8, 17/8, 26/8, 35/8). Eight considered as the highest feminine number is a symbol of harmony and balance with great ability of decision making. This implies power and leadership. According to Joanne Walmsley, eight is filled with authority, self confidence, riches professionalism and good judgment. Biblically, eight is related to resurrection and new beginning. In China, eight is a homonym for prosperity. Negative attributes. Number eights have domineering attitudes, tactlessness, and superiority complex. Symbolizes control, number eights achieve power and material control. Regarding their personality, twenty six, are good managers, organizers; take upper lead in activities and possess sound judgment. They are self confident, practical, highly ambitious and diplomatic. They show a need for status and make known the fruits of their labour. They are realistic team players and represent their communities with outstanding outcomes. Negatively number twenty six find complexity in maintaining balance between material goals and human qualities of understanding.

More meanings / definitions of train or words, sentences containing train?

Trained (imp. & p. p.): of Train

Menial (n.): Belonging to a retinue or train of servants; performing servile office; serving.

Train (v. t.): To lead or direct, and form to a wall or espalier; to form to a proper shape, by bending, lopping, or pruning; as, to train young trees.

Cortege (n.): A train of attendants; a procession.

Ultimate (a.): Last in a train of progression or consequences; tended toward by all that precedes; arrived at, as the last result; final.

Breed (v. t.): To educate; to instruct; to form by education; to train; -- sometimes followed by up.

Flag (v. t.): To signal to with a flag; as, to flag a train.

Discipline (v. t.): To educate; to develop by instruction and exercise; to train.

Foreskirt (n.): The front skirt of a garment, in distinction from the train.

Retinue (n.): The body of retainers who follow a prince or other distinguished person; a train of attendants; a suite.

Entrain (v. t.): To put aboard a railway train; as, to entrain a regiment.

Train (v.): The after part of a gun carriage; the trail.

Monomania (n.): Derangement of the mind in regard of a single subject only; also, such a concentration of interest upon one particular subject or train of ideas to show mental derangement.

Consecutive (a.): Following in a train; succeeding one another in a regular order; successive; uninterrupted in course or succession; with no interval or break; as, fifty consecutive years.

Caravan (n.): A large, covered wagon, or a train of such wagons, for conveying wild beasts, etc., for exhibition; an itinerant show, as of wild beasts.

Trainy (a.): Belonging to train oil.

Meet (v. t.): To come into the presence of without contact; to come close to; to intercept; to come within the perception, influence, or recognition of; as, to meet a train at a junction; to meet carriages or persons in the street; to meet friends at a party; sweet sounds met the ear.

Detrain (v. i. & t.): To alight, or to cause to alight, from a railway train.

Up-train (): A train going in the direction conventionally called up.

Manage (n.): To train in the manege, as a horse; to exercise in graceful or artful action.

Train (v.): That part of a gown which trails behind the wearer.

Switch (v. t.): To turn from one railway track to another; to transfer by a switch; -- generally with off, from, etc.; as, to switch off a train; to switch a car from one track to another.

Coach (v. t.): To prepare for public examination by private instruction; to train by special instruction.

Express (n.): A messenger sent on a special errand; a courier; hence, a regular and fast conveyance; commonly, a company or system for the prompt and safe transportation of merchandise or parcels; also, a railway train for transporting passengers or goods with speed and punctuality.

Discipline (v. t.): To accustom to regular and systematic action; to bring under control so as to act systematically; to train to act together under orders; to teach subordination to; to form a habit of obedience in; to drill.

Battering train (): A train of artillery for siege operations.

Cohere (a.): To be united or connected together in subordination to one purpose; to follow naturally and logically, as the parts of a discourse, or as arguments in a train of reasoning; to be logically consistent.

Form (n.): To give a particular shape to; to shape, mold, or fashion into a certain state or condition; to arrange; to adjust; also, to model by instruction and discipline; to mold by influence, etc.; to train.

Exrerience (v. t.): To exercise; to train by practice.

Passenger (n.): A traveler by some established conveyance, as a coach, steamboat, railroad train, etc.

Meaning of UNLOAD

UNLOAD means: Get off train hurriedly


FIRST READER means: Conductor's train book

Meaning of GRABBER

GRABBER means: Conductor of a passenger train. (He grabs tickets)


THREE-BAGGER means: Train pushed or pulled by three engines. (No doubt originated by a baseball fan)

Meaning of BUFF



SCIZZOR-BILL means: Uncomplimentary term referring to yard or road brakemen and students in train service

Meaning of BOARD

BOARD means: Fixed signal regulating railroad traffic, usually referred to as slow board., order board., clear board (for clear tracks) or red board (stop). Do not confuse this with extra board or spare board, colloquially known as slow board or starvation list, usually containing names of qualified train or enginemen not in regular active service who are called to work in emergencies. These names are listed in order of seniority, the man hired most recently being the last one called to service

Meaning of WHOLE CAR


Meaning of Intensity

Intensity means: It can mean that the pace you keep while you train is higher than normal, as in moving quickly and taking a shorter rest between sets. It also can mean that the weight you use during those sessions is relatively heavy for you. It can also mean that the workload within a given time period, combined with the weight and pace is increased.


CHASING THE RED means: Flagman going back with red flag or light to protect his train

Meaning of CALLER

CALLER means: One whose duty is to summon train or engine crews or announce trains

Meaning of BAND WAGON

BAND WAGON means: Pay car or pay train from which wages were handed out to railroad employees

Meaning of BUST UP A CUT

BUST UP A CUT means: To separate the cars in a train, removing some that have reached their destination, assigning others to through trains, etc.


BLIZZARD LIGHTS means: Originally the lights on either side of the headlight that served in emergency when the oil-burning headlight blew out. Now they indicate the train is nonschedule or extra

Meaning of TRAIN LINE

TRAIN LINE means: Pipe that carries compressed air to operate air brakes

Meaning of goosey

goosey means: Noun. A look. Abbreviated form of the title of the nursery rhyme Goosey Goosey Gander, making use of the word 'gander', being slang for a look. See 'gander'. E.g."Let's have a goosey at the timetable and work out which is the best train to get to London."

Meaning of TIN LIZARD

TIN LIZARD means: Streamlined train


MOVING SPIRIT means: Train dispatcher, more often called DS

Meaning of pull the train

pull the train means: Woman having serial sexual partners.

Meaning of NON STOP

NON STOP means: Term takin from subway train terminology. Used to describe a party or situation or activity that won't end for a long time. made popular in early Hip Hop rhymes. (exam. "we rock the mic nonstop")

Meaning of Trainbearer

Trainbearer means: One who holds up a train, as of a robe.

Meaning of Attendant

Attendant means: Being present, or in the train; accompanying; in waiting.

Meaning of Train

Train means: A number of followers; a body of attendants; a retinue; a suite.

Meaning of Shoad

Shoad means: A train of vein material mixed with rubbish; fragments of ore which have become separated by the action of water or the weather, and serve to direct in the discovery of mines.

Meaning of Train

Train means: To prepare by exercise, diet, instruction, etc., for any physical contest; as, to train for a boat race.

Meaning of Cortege

Cortege means: A train of attendants; a procession.

Meaning of Start

Start means: To cause to move or act; to set going, running, or flowing; as, to start a railway train; to start a mill; to start a stream of water; to start a rumor; to start a business.

Meaning of Breed

Breed means: To educate; to instruct; to form by education; to train; -- sometimes followed by up.

Meaning of Form

Form means: To give a particular shape to; to shape, mold, or fashion into a certain state or condition; to arrange; to adjust; also, to model by instruction and discipline; to mold by influence, etc.; to train.

Meaning of Passenger

Passenger means: A traveler by some established conveyance, as a coach, steamboat, railroad train, etc.

Meaning of Train

Train means: A line of gunpowder laid to lead fire to a charge, mine, or the like.

Meaning of Switch

Switch means: To turn from one railway track to another; to transfer by a switch; -- generally with off, from, etc.; as, to switch off a train; to switch a car from one track to another.

Meaning of Convoy

Convoy means: A vessel or fleet, or a train or trains of wagons, employed in the transportation of munitions of war, money, subsistence, clothing, etc., and having an armed escort.

Meaning of Local

Local means: A train which receives and deposits passengers or freight along the line of the road; a train for the accommodation of a certain district.

Meaning of Exercise

Exercise means: To set in action; to cause to act, move, or make exertion; to give employment to; to put in action habitually or constantly; to school or train; to exert repeatedly; to busy.

Name Meaning of train

Meaning of Train

Is Train a female or a male name and what is the origin of Train?

Train is Surname or Lastname and origin is English (Devon)

Train means: English (Devon) : metonymic occupational name for a trapper or hunter, from Middle English trayne, Old French traine ‘guile’, ‘snare’, ‘trap’.English (Devon) : topographic name from Middle English atte trewen ‘at the trees’, or a habitational name from any of the places named with this phrase, for example Train, Traine, or Trewyn, all in Devon.

Meaning of Falkner

Is Falkner a female or a male name and what is the origin of Falkner?

Falkner is Surname or Lastname and origin is German

Falkner means: German : occupational name for a falconer, Middle High German vakenoere. In medieval times falconry was a sport practised only by the nobility; it was the task of the falconer to look after the birds and train young ones.English : variant spelling of Faulkner.Daniel Falckner (1666–c.1745), German Lutheran pastor and agent for the Frankfurt Land Company, founded the first German Lutheran congregation in America.

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